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is an independent specialist media planning and buying agency that protects a brand’s path to growth. We do this through the vision of foresight and the clarity from hindsight.

With Line of Sight

Marketing budgets are finite. Brands need clear line of sight to better navigate the increasing complexities of media, technology, harder to reach customers, in a market where share of mind and wallet are both hotly contested and costly.

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your media path to brand growth, with certainty.

Scout connects the most valuable consumer (MVCs) and media data points, removing ambiguity to create a clear end to end media path to customers. From awareness with a longer brand building lens, to shorter term customer acquisitions and commercial outcomes.

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Insights clear the path

As a leading independently owned business, we take pride in providing our clients with a clear line of sight. An unobstructed view that is unbiased and informed with best of industry data and technology intelligence.

Line of sight requires vision of foresight and clarity of hindsight . With a powerful combination of industry leading tools and talented Scouts, we reveal the right insights for a clearer line of sight on media strategy, planning & buying, with rigorous measurement and reporting.


Spotlighting Your Most Valuable Customers (MVCs)

The value of your customers is our primary focus. Scout puts the spotlight on your MVCs throughout their purchase journey, starting from their likelihood to buy and ending at attributable customer sales data. Leveraging leading research we identify consumer passions, interests, motivations, values and behaviours that indicate a strong intent to connect, engage or spend with your brand. With each dollar invested in media we collect more intel on your MVCs, interpreting behaviours in real time to hone and prioritise your advertising investment. With each turn on the advertising cycle, the MCV spotlight gets brighter and sharper.

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The case is clear: Reach Is Not All Equal

That’s due to a number of important factors, with some obvious ones such as lack of consumer attention and media fragmentation. We can share more insights on why “Not all reach is equal”,  when we meet in person. Hopefully, very soon.

Media, business or economic barriers aside, the level of consumer & channel data we have access to, helps us see the true potential – the difference between consumers, and your customers.

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