An independent media agency, on a
quest to bring back the fundamentals for the new media age.

Human intelligence.

Our competitive advantage.

In a dichotomous industry that’s dealing with the tension between strategy
and automation, premium and performance media, the nexus is intelligence.
Scout blends the old and new worlds of media. Intelligent thinking to harness insight plus the best and most intelligent data and systems.
Creating a new frontier in media solutions for brands.

is real.

We tackle it head on.

Conventional media consumption is in decline. Consumers are watching and reading
less commercial content, and younger consumers are watching and reading a lot less.
We seek solutions that tackle fragmentation, we diversify investment to ensure
consumers are reached on any channel and any device. This means staying ahead
of the curve, as consumer behaviours shift, pushing the limits of how media
is transacted, and committing to new models of measurement.


A better idea.

Scout is an agency that’s built for the way people consume media. This means
one budget and full channel neutrality. If it meets the objectives and strategy then
we will recommend it. There are no hidden agendas or recommendations based on
increasing agency profits. Our independence means we are completely data and tech
agnostic. We will leverage any intelligent data source to be more informed about
what people think, what they’re intending to do, and what they end up doing.

what you
see is what
you get.

In an industry plagued by trust issues, clients desire genuine partners who will
work together towards a successful outcome. The wider agency market is rife with
inter-competition of revenue grabbing and this is counter to this objective.

We take the time to understand your industry, your customers, your business and your business model.
We keep communication simple and open.
We provide clients access to all of the information we have with complete transparency.
We focus on what really matters, great service and people you can count on.

Our sharp focus.


We launch, build and grow brands by developing cross-channel, insight-driven strategies that are guided by comprehensive research and a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses.

Audience identification & segmentation

Using 3rd party data, alongside brand and customer insights, we create robust targeting strategies designed for optimum customer growth.

Cross-channel media
planning & buying

We develop integrated communications plans across traditional and digital media channels, with a clear focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

Campaign implementation
& measurement

With media buying and planning tools we deliver the optimum placement within each channel, followed by rigorous measurement to ensure delivery against the planned goals.

Shelly - Founder of Scout

The spark
behind the Scout.

Founded by Shelley Cook in partnership with the Directors of Rumble,
Scout is the newest addition to Rumbletown, a group of specialist independent
agencies all connected through a drive to shake up and disrupt their industry.

Shelley is a leading media practitioner in the Australian market with
an outstanding reputation built on 19 years of dedication to clients’ business outcomes. Shelley’s strength in senior relationships,
and her partnership approach allows her to develop true first to market and innovative solutions for clients.

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