Opening patients’ eyes to a common side effect of diabetes

 Reach patients who don’t engage with health messages and don’t realise they are at increased risk of complete vision loss.

The Insight

Despite the alarming facts of diabetes and associated complications, many people with diabetes find it challenging to keep on top of the demands of their condition and have low engagement when it comes to proactive health action.

Strategic Idea: Focal Points Execution

Through a targeted media strategy, we sought to educate patients and prompt them to take swift action to register for Diabetes Australia’s Keepsight program. Utilising client data sourced through the NDSS, we analysed postcodes to determine the areas of most concern for diabetes-related health issues and prioritised the media investment in these key areas. This allowed for a more concentrated & impactful cross-channel campaign where it was required most. Each region’s media approach was tailored to reflect audience consumption, media assets and media cost. We then measured each region against enrolment performance for ongoing media and market investment prioritisation.



Diabetic patient enrolments were directly attributed to paid media