Sending a clear message to politicians about homelessness

Shape broader community understanding and public support for investment in social housing to bolster positive sentiment ahead of the Queensland Government’s 2021 Budget.

The Insight

Unfortunately, there’s a “cause fatigue” towards the issue of homelessness among the broader community. The public switches off when images of people struggling are broadcast which prevents them from fully appreciating the scale of the crisis.

Strategic Platform: A Message From The Community Execution

We encouraged the public to show their support by taking action via a geo-targeted, multi-channel strategy targeting key voting regions across Queensland. Using postcard media at cafés, stores and the partners’ shop fronts (Vinnies), we encouraged the public to send a message directly to politicians. Social videos spotlighted homeless individuals from the local community who shared their emotional stories and experiences. Adding further weight to the campaign, we shared the scale of the crisis through outdoor, digital and social ads with messages speaking directly to a specific audience in each local area.



billion investment designed to fast-track social housing delivery